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All About Diverse Dental Practices

A+ Dental Care's Dr. Jose E. Madera DDS., PC is a general dentist in Bridgeport and Norwalk, CT.  He was born in the Bronx, NY.  Dr. Madera carried out his university studies of Doctor of Stomatology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in Dominican Republic.  In 1989, he came back to New York to attend NYU College of Dentistry where he received his degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery.  He completed his residency in Nobel Biocare Dental Implant in 1996. Dr. Madera opens his own practice in Bridgeport first and later he expanded to a second office in Norwalk.  He became one of the first Latino Dentist in Connecticut.  Dr. Madera has over 20 years of experience and has been dedicated to helping the Hispanic and Brazilian community in Connecticut.

Reasons to Visit a Multilingual Dentist

Being able to communicate with the dentist is of the utmost important to patients who are non-English speakers. Although some offices offer translators, the real key to effective communication is finding a dentist who is multilingual.

Why Are Primary Teeth So Important?

Primary teeth are important because they serve as guides for adult teeth. If a child loses his primary teeth due to decay, there is a good chance that his adult teeth will not come in properly, and that he will experience crowding issues later on in life.

Can Dental Implants be Damaged By Nicotine?

Although nicotine can wreak havoc on the mouth, it will not necessarily damage dental implants that have already been placed. Nonetheless, patients would be wise to avoid smoking in the weeks following their placement procedures.

Why Must Patients Wear Lead Aprons During X-Rays?

The level of radiation in most dental x-rays has come down significantly in recent years. However, patients are still encouraged to wear lead aprons when they have x-rays taken as a safety precaution.

How to Judge the Seriousness of a Tooth Fracture

Some tooth fractures are very minor, and as such, they do not constitute dental emergencies. Small tooth fractures can be so minute that a dentist cannot even see them with an x-ray or the naked eye.

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