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Dental Implants in Bridgeport, CT

Dentist holding up a dental instrumentThere are many reasons why missing teeth should be replaced, including keeping the integrity of your facial structure, being able to eat normally, and avoiding embarrassment. One popular type of replacement is dental implants. In Bridgeport or Norwalk, Connecticut, A+ Dental Care offers this treatment to patients, and brings over 20 years of experience to every procedure.

Sometimes teeth fall out because of gum disease, and sometimes they need to be extracted. For whatever reason they were lost, implants can give you back a full set of teeth. Different than traditional dentures, they are attached to a small titanium screw that is placed directly into the bone above or below where the prosthetic tooth will be placed. The screw will integrate with the bone and function exactly like a real root. The prosthetic tooth will be attached to it.

With implants, you treat them just like your natural teeth, and they are much stronger than traditional dentures. You brush them, floss them, and eat normally with them. We make sure to match them to your natural teeth so nobody will know the difference! And in addition to that, they last for 20 years or more.

For dental implants in Bridgeport or Norwalk, Connecticut, the professionals at A+ Dental Care can provide the care you need. Spanish and Portuguese speaking patients are no problem, we are fluent in the language! We offer Care Credit financing and accept credit cards, cash, and checks as well. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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